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MYBags: Bottega Lovin

By Thursday, December 01, 2011

My love for Bottega first started in 2008 when i was first stepped into the BV store in NYC. I immediately fell in love with the soft buttery and smooth leather I could hug the bags to sleep. And unlike most luxury brands who don't give a hoot about the interior lining (most use cotton), BV insists on a suede leather interior. YUMS! I was fearful about scratching the interior but as my bag family expanded, i stopped caring. :P

Anyway, i didn't get my BV on that fateful day. it was my first day in NYC and the boy convinced me that I'd see that cute red handbag again during our 3 week break so i shouldn't make an impulse buy. It NEVER happened. Till this day i still blame him. Since that day, I have amassed 3 items from the brand. 
My BV family (clockwise from left)- Regular Veneta in Ametiste, Mini Veneta in Red, Intrecciato Wallet 
My BV collection is kinda weird. 2 out of 3 pieces are wrong buys. Absolutely not what i wanted. But i grew to accept them. The first was the Mini Veneta. Long story behind it. Boy went in search of THE bag in NYC to redeem himself. He saw it in a different colour (a dull turquoise blue) and he thought that it was hard to match. Honestly, what do boys know about colours right? Somehow he thought that a mini red veneta is cuter, and that's how i ended up with my first BV, which is practically useless. 
The mini Veneta measures 8.5"x 8.25". Holds almost nothing. It holds an iPhone, keys, cards and cash. Notice that i didn't mention a wallet? Because it doesn't fit! Not even my coach coin purse. I used it a couple of times. Once for a dinner at il Lido and for brunch and another time for supper at a prata place. BV makes really casual bags and this is not the Knot so i can't use it for dinners as well. So yea.. if anyone is interested in buying this, drop me a message. 

My second was the intrecciato wallet which i got a friend to get for me. Long story short, I wanted a deep purple (Opera) in a different style (slightly shorter and smaller). Provided the product code and all and the order was still wrong. My friend is a guy. There you go, it's almost proven that guys can't get a proper bag right. 

My 3rd purchase from BV was very recent. Oct 2011. Regular Veneta in Ametiste. I was hunting for another bag from Miu Miu but it wasn't available in Sg. S was overseas again, this time in Munich, so he offered to get it for me but it was OOS as well. Randomly popped by BV and waaala.. the popping Ametiste stood out and beckoned to me.

I was already looking out for a hot pink bag. Was eyeing Balenciaga's cyclamen but i thought it would be too much pink on the bigger styles like City and Part time. Plus i didn't want an overlap with my twiggy or first. So i immediately texted the boy and he finally got the right bag (for once).

I never thought that i would get a Veneta or any of their bigger bags because they look too dull. Let's face it, the bag is not particularly eye-catching and this style in a classic or neutral colour would be what i'd say boring but make it in a pop colour like Ametiste, Shock or Fire , you get a younger looking and much more lively bag.

I wouldn't say that this is the last piece i'd get from BV. I would love a classic knot in leather or some funky design for evening dinners. But right now, this would suffice. :)

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  1. Yeah, BV is awesome max! Replaced my 2yo Prada Saffiano wallet with a BV intrecciato even though it's still looking good.

    The leather is indeed awesome and TDF... at least for now. :)

  2. Agreed! I was quite worried about the leather, especially with wallets! They have a tendency to become dog-earred because the leather is so soft! BV Intrecciato Nappa Clutch has this problem real bad. I've seen it at the store and the corners are already bent in. :(

    I've been very careful with mine. I bent it outwards sometimes. HAHA.