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Travel Review: Eat Pray Love- Vietnam

By Tuesday, December 27, 2011 , , ,

For those who regularly read this blog, you would know that i recently took a short break in Vietnam, Saigon to be specific. And i am proud to say that the anal and obsessive compulsive Type A in me took things pretty easy this time round and i stuck to the plan of not planning (read about it here) . Kudos to me!

Everything was flexible and spontaneous. I dragged myself to various restaurants even though i was lazy at times. Did the sights alone, ate alone, yoga-ed alone (yes i'm a yoga addict) and i really enjoyed my own company. That's not to say that i didn't enjoy the company of Z (my skinnyfat twin) but it's nice to have your own space and time to do the things that you like and we gave each other the space we needed so it was great. A post of finding the perfect travel partner soon.

I would be cataloging this journey in 3 parts. Eat Pray Love really speaks to me this time round because that was exactly what i did this trip.

Eat- The food is Saigon is heavenly. They are exactly the kind of food that i love- buttery croissants, smooth pate, aromatic coffee, moist cupcakes... And meats. Bring on the juicy and tender steaks and succulent German sausages. The Vietnamese food was also great. I fell in love with pho bo the first time i tried it in SFO. Weird place to have vietnamese but it was awesome. More posts on my cafe haunts in Saigon. Be prepared for lots of drooling.

Pray- I started doing yoga more intensively in December since it's a lull period for me. I did 1 to 2 sessions everyday prior to my trip and i love it. This comes from a non believer of yoga prior to doing it but it makes me happy (now i sound like a crazee). More on that later. Anyway i found myself a yoga school in Saigon and it's a really positive and inviting environment for me.

Love- No there wasn't/weren't any love interest in Vietnam but it was more about loving yourself and accepting your flaws, your body, your life and also treating yourself better. We accept the love we think we deserve- i believe that we have to love ourselves in order for others to love us. At the same time, it was also about loving friends and loved ones and showing our love in little ways or big ones.

More on my travel adventures soon!

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