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Travel Review: Saigon Wanderlust

By Friday, December 16, 2011 , ,

Hello from Saigon! Yes i'm off for another trip and it's the 5th holiday this year. Awesomeness. Caught the 7am flight out yesterday and couldn't get mobile blogger to work for me so i couldn't post before i flew.

Anyway just a bit about this trip. Zero planning whatsoever. Just some general ideas on things to do. So far i have not done a single thing touristy unless you consider spa and manicure as part of that travel checklist. I didn't even have any authentic Vietnamese food (thanks to my other skinny fat friend Z). Anyway this would probably be the most relaxing holiday ever and i think i'm sold on this kinda traveling lifestyle.

What i did yesterday-
1. 2nd breakfast- Vietnamese iced coffee and the nicest cupcake i've tried in my life. 2 hours of talking and chilling out with the gf. <3
2. Spa and massage- Body scrub, massage and body mask. So nice to have someone knead every single knot out of my yoga-fatigued body. Another 2h gone.
3. Lunch at 2ish pm. German sausages! Really nice and juicy. Another 1.5h.
4. Mani and Pedicure- Another 2h or so
5. Back to bed.

Awesome or what?

Shall attempt to see some sights today, explore Ben Tanh market since it's just a street away. I'll be updating on my other travel eats but Saigon would have to wait till i get home.
So happy holidays my friends! Catch you guys when I get back. Enjoy the festive eating, we can worry about the weight loss later. :))


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