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Hawker Review: Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen 福林豆腐园 (East Coast)

By Tuesday, December 13, 2011 , , , ,

I must have mentioned a million times by now that the east has way better food than any other areas in Singapore. One of my favorite weekend hangouts is Siglap. In my uni days, S and i would drive there and park ourselves at Starbucks and mug. Or we would be having mud pie at Coffee Club. Or ice cream at Haagen Daaz (that was before Udders opened).. The food is great as well! Used to have Vietnamese but they shifted. My other favorite comfort food is Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo!  

I first tried the branch at Amoy Street and i fell in love. Seriously anything fried tastes awesome! I'm sure all of you agree with me. So think about it, fried yong tau foo and then this starchy thick braised gravy with minced meat is poured all over the golden brown babies.. I have arrived at YTH heaven, where fat cells expand and 6 packs abs are non-existent.

My favorite items are the ngoh hiang, tau pok (really great for soaking the gravy), toufu and fish cake you tiao! Not the usual yong tau foo fan so i don't have those fish cake filled vege or chili. They do have that though. Seriously i can finish up all the gravy! Say hello to cellulite!!

More gravy for the thick beehoon. I love the gravy because it's like the Taiwanese lu rou fan (braised meat rice) sauce. Ate tons of that in Taipei and i only found a comparable stall in Singapore (Full House at Central and Far East Plaza). Anyway, this is a twist to the rice but if you prefer rice they have that as well.

Fu Lin is opened daily so you can get it for breakfast, lunch or dinner which is pretty awesome to me. I wouldn't have this in the morning though because this is pretty sinful even for me. Cheap cheap must eat! It's usually about 6 bucks per person inclusive of a drink. :) Do holler if you see me eating there!

721 East Coast Road
Daily: 8.30am - 8.30pm

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