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BagLust: Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffel

By Sunday, December 04, 2011

While randomly browsing sites on bags, (haha who do i kid? What are the chances of it being random? :P), i chanced upon the Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffel bag. I was delightfully surprised that i haven't noticed this before. The bag has been on the market for a while but it didn't catch on in Singapore (reason for that in a bit). I haven't seen any one carry this and of course that appeals even more to me. Honestly who would want to be carrying something everyone else is carrying right? Yes Balenciaga, i'm referring to you. 

Chewy and thick black pebbled leather (can't remember if it's lamb or calf), it's so squishy i would hug it to sleep, use it as a pillow or sth. This is extremely hardy. If you are wondering how i knew that from doing research online, well i went down to the nearest On Pedder to check if they carry the bag shortly after. Haha :P

This beauty is also a celeb favorite! Kristen Cavallari, Mary Kate Olsen, Dakota Fanning, Rosie Huntington, Nicki Hilton, Jennifer Love Hewitt have been spotted carrying it around. 
Kristen looks especially amazing with it. She goes everywhere with the Rocco. It's casual, it's cool, it has that rocker glam factor as well. The studs are absolutely gorgeous. I don't own any black bag (not a casual one that is. My classic Chanel flap is not counted) because let's face it, it's a boring colour though highly flexible. I would choose grey over black anytime. However, the studs add on a bling factor to black pebbled skin without being too ostentatious. I was absolutely in lurrrvvvveeee... 
Mary Kate also looks fantabulous with hers. This is just the perfect bag for me. Suits me to a T. 

A bit more on the style- I would liken it to a love child of Balenciaga (the studs) and YSL (the pebbled skin), both features i love. The size is very similar to the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. It also kinda resembles the Givenchy Nightingale (W highlighted that to me). I was first attracted to the bag because of the pebbling- was also looking at the YSL Easy at the same time and they have a black pebbled one as well though a little dull. 

I almost bought the bag immediately online but i'm glad my sanity prevailed. While trying the bag and On Pedder, i realized that the bag has inherited the negative trait of Balenciaga and multiplied it by 10 times at least- the weight KILLS. According to the SA, the bag weighs a whooping 1.5kg. However, the SA at the AW pop up store says it's 3kg. I didn't ask for a weighing machine but it is obviously too much to handle. That said, i was still blinded by love and lust. It was not only until the 2nd time i went down to the store that i realized it is way too heavy for me. I sometimes complain that my Mulberry Alexa is heavy and this is an overkill. I could use this as weights. 

This is the biggest problem of the bag. It's such a pity really. If made lighter, the bag with 105 studs would look so lovely on my arms. Sigh. Please make some tweaks to it Mr Wang, this would really be perfect in my bag collection.  
If you have the arm power to lift this baby, you can get it at On Pedder for about 1.4- 1.5k sgd. I can't remember the exact price. Alternatively, Shopbop sells it for 895USD. How awesome is that right?! For now, i can only admire it. Pity pity pity. Hopefully someone knocks some sense into the team at AW soon. 

In the end, I got something much lighter though. Reveal due soon!  

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