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Travel Review: New Majestic Hotel Singapore

By Friday, December 02, 2011 , , ,

One thing i love about traveling is the hotel stay. Who doesn't right? Unless you get a really bad hotel but that's kinda your own fault for not doing your research properly! (That's the Type A in me speaking.) Say hello to creating a great mess in the room when you leave for your adventures and come back to a neat and organized space after a long tired day of shopping and sightseeing. <3! Disclaimer: i do not mess up the room on purpose, i usually organize things into neat piles so that housekeeping would have an easy time. 

Things that i'm very particular about hotel rooms- Ambience, Bathroom (and amenities) and Bed. They are the most essential elements in any form of lodging and also my main reasons for not bunking in hostels. Hotels shouldn't shortchange their guests on the most fundamental components. If they do, they shouldn't be called hotels. The things that I appreciate are the little ones- nice toiletries, tea/coffee handpicked by the management (not just random normal ones), iPod docks, Wi-fi connectivity (it has become a must-have)... Small things that reflect the awareness of a traveller's needs or wants. Things to make them feel more at home despite being thousands of miles away from it. It is the minute details that differentiate between a good hotel and an excellent one.

So I was stuck in Sg after my August/ September break (Phillipines and South Korea) and by Oct i was dying to take flight from work. With the boy's birthday around the corner, I decided to throw him a surprise birthday celebration (because i'm also the awesum gf) and what better way to have a staycation in one of the boutique hotels in Singapore? The advantage to that is also the lack of need to plan (read all about how i love and hate about planning here. Also, it provides an opportunity to finally check out the boutique scene in Sg. Triple YAY!

I picked the New Majestic Hotel from my shortlist of Wanderlust, the Scarlet, Siloso Beach Resort etc. Capella is amazingly pretty (had tea at the Knolls the other time and i was blown away by the serenity) but sadly out of my budget. :( I have been following the development of the hotel since they opened and having been exploring the Duxton area, i found myself longing to see the interior of the rooms. Each of the New Majestic’s 30 themed rooms is different ranging from attic loft living to outdoor gardens. For the exhibitionist in you (or if you want to get in touch with your sensuality, you can opt for the open-bath-in-the middle-of-the-room Lifestyle Rooms.

I chose the garden rooms with the outdoor bath (quite the exhibitionist myself too) and requested for the East meets West room. The murals are zen-ish with the geishas carrying modern day items such as iPods and using laptops. Quite the reflection of a developed Asian society.

They have really good beds. No expenses spared on high thread count Ploh bedding. Discreet but luxurious- i like!   

I love the big bathtub- fits 2 ;) And surely there's a need for bubble bath- to hide the itty bits from prying eyes. S was very concerned about the privacy of the bath, not sure if the back windows from the upper floors are sealed and frosted as they look directly on our 'garden'. As ours is a corner room, i'm quite sure the tall office opposite could see us if we stood up. More needs to be done about the security for sure. There's a small indoor shower with rainshower head too! :))
The swimming pool, albeit a teeny bit small, is just right for us during our stay because there weren't many occupants. We had the pool to ourselves most of the time which was perfect. Love the colourful deck chairs and the mosaic tiled bottom of the pool. Diners at the restaurant could spy on guests from below so do everyone a favor, cover up and wear nice bikinis.
I even packed a picnic by the poolside. Cheeses, grilled meat, big juicy strawberries with Moscato. Heavenly.
Really appreciate the little touches New Majestic Hotel add to their rooms e.g. Nespresso in-room coffee maker, Kiehl’s toiletries and Bose stereo with iPod dock. Fulfils my criteria of an excellent hotel. :)

Breakfast was a semi buffet. One thing that was impressive was the orange/apricot brioche. Really buttery and nice. The banana walnet bread wasn't too far off as well. The other stuff were not exceptional but it satisfied the picky me, so it mustn't be too bad. :)

Overall, it was a nice experience. Shall do more of this in the future. Almost a holiday. :)

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Siloso Beach Resort (may not be boutique but still very nice!)

New Majestic Hotel
31–37 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089845
Hotel Enquiries (24h): +65.6511.4700
Hotel Reservations: +65.6579.2026

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