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Cafe Review: Hidden Finds- Lots Gourmet Stop

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Lazy weekends calls for lazy brunch. S is usually the lazy one who refuses to drive from the East to Robertson where all the nice cafes are. Knowing that i love English breakfasts, he tries his best to accomodate and so he searches for cafes in the East for me. So while we were driving around searching for food in the estate, we decided to stop by Upper Changi Road (always pass by that place but we only refueled there) to check out the restaurants. S always points out Porta Porta to me but we have never tried it BUT it was Lots Gourmet Shop that caught our eyes (and tummies).
Tucked away on a quiet street, this little cafe restaurant serves really awesome breakfast food. It has a very relaxed vibe to it. I could sit here all day reading a book, drinking cider (Brother's Toffee Apple cider is so tasty!) It is just across the Changi Women's Prison (i think) and you can hear bells at times. Gave me lots to think about just sitting there.
They do lunch and dinner as well. I haven't tried that before because i'm a breakfast food fan so only breakfast for me!

Just look at the amount of food! I would compare the portion to Jones', slightly smaller but this is half the price of what you pay there. Value for money or what? Lots used to do meats so the sausages are good. Looks a bit on the thin side but it's juicy and fragrant. I would go for the Kraftcorn bread and slather it with the salted butter (yay!) and then place the creamy and wet scrambled eggs on top. Best combination ever. This is my favorite but i always have trouble finishing. Now we switched it to the other combination that comes with pancakes so that S and i both get what we want without over expanding our stomachs. Brilliant plan.
The blueberry pancakes are fluffy and moist on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside. I love the pancakes because they are not overly thick. I don't usually take pancakes because the taste gets boring after a while. Tried different pancakes from WH, Prive etc but i never liked them. FfT's is not bad but this is better. Go for blueberry, it's not as dry as the others.  
The iced mocha is also one of the better ones i've had. I would put this after Jones' (or at the same spot). Thick, sweet and creamy chocolatey fattiness but i lurveeee it. This is a dessert in itself.
I think they do a daily breakfast till 3pm. I shall be heading there when i get back. This has to be one of my favorite breakfast/brunch places in the East. Somebody try the other dishes and let me know if lunch/dinner is good as well? I'm so sticking to breakfast though. :)

Lots Gourmet Shop
965A Upper Changi Road North, Singapore
Tel: +65 6633 9651
Mon–Thu: 11am – 4pm
Fri–Sun: 10am – 10pm

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  1. Hey! Looks v good! I'm also a brekkie person so I'll pop by there sometime soon and try out the other stuff on the menu ;)

  2. Hi Dan, it's really good. There's movenpick icecream too! Do update when you try the other stuff. :)