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Travel Review: Wanderlust

By Thursday, December 01, 2011 ,

I love traveling. The idea of abandoning all the obligations and responsibilities and just taking off is so liberating and carefree. A different place, a different experience, a different life. You are a stranger. You are a nobody. No expectations, no judgment, no need to fit in. You can be anyone. Or you can finally be your true self.

That said, i haven't really had such a holiday in which i just hop on a plane with no itinerary and let the surroundings, people and fate decide what i should do or where to go. I usually get stressed out while planning. Logistic kills. The perfectionist in me seeks the best hotel (location, comfort and the right budget), the best route, the best attractions, best food (of course) and the best experience all in the shortest span on time. No wonder i'm stressed right? Oh and planning the outfits for my holidays? That would take a couple of hours at least.

This is merely a fraction of my actual planning. That is how anal i am! 
As much as i hate the planning (boy i really hate it!), i still love holidays abroad. I used to be a lot more anal about plans but i've changed (or perhaps i've gotten lazy). In recent years, my plans are more general and flexible. I give myself lots of extra time to stop, rest, think, recharge and relax. My recent U.K., Philippines and South Korea trip were quite relaxing. I even had time to sign up for a last minute cooking course in Seoul. That was absolutely impromptu but fun!

Originally, i had this grandiose plan of 'pseudo-backpacking' around SEA. I almost drove myself mad with the planning especially since i intended to travel alone. I had an entire excel workbook on the places to go, how to transit from a country to the other, places to stay blahblahblahblahblah. And then i decided to heck it! While it would be an eye opener for me, having not backpacked before in my life and alone at that, i think it's more important to stop worrying and just chill.

So this december, i'm heading to Vietnam and even though i've borrowed guidebooks to prep myself for the trip, i'm tempted to just go in blind and let the winds take me wherever i'm meant to be. Maybe i'll do that, provided the Type A in me doesn't freak out and start writing a research paper on holidaying in Vietnam.

So yeah. A holiday is meant to be stress free. It is supposed to restore balance to our typically tedious, repetitive and mundane work life. So take a break people. Loosen up. If i can, i'm sure most of you would be able to. 

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  1. Somehow, seeing your handwriting reminds me of JC days.. i dunnoe y! haha

  2. Too much copying of lecture notes back in those days. I had your physics notes! Can still remember how they look like!