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Food for Thought: Food quirks (banana cake)

By Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Sometimes there's no reason why we like or love something or someone. Love strikes us in the most bewildering manner and it doesn't make sense at all. Same goes for food. There are things that I like to eat not because of their taste but of an emotion associated with it, a time forgotten, a fleeting memory.

I like banana cakes because of the black squiggly stuff in it that looks like worms (because i'm weird this way). I like them toasted because I like the sound of the crunch when I bite into it. Besides, everything toasted tastes good. I like the moisture of a good banana cake because it's squishy in my mouth (and I like the sound of the word 'moist'). The taste is only secondary to the above.

So what do you like? Do you have an unexplainable craving or lust or love for something?

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