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Cafe Review: Wild Honey

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Wild Honey has got to be one of my favorite breakfast place in Singapore. I was first made to review the restaurant with the Stupidgirl when they just opened. That was when the Mandarin Gallery outlet was actually empty. I fell in love with the European (their version of Eggs Benny) the first time i tried it and all was history. Every other Eggs ben i tried, i compared it with WH's. And not many has met the mark or surpassed it.

It's been a long while since that first visit and WH got more and more popular and with that it got harder to get a table especially for weekend brunch. Which is why i'm really grateful that they opened a new branch at Scotts Square. And guess what? They take reservations here! YAY!

Took a new bunch of friends to WH (Scotts Square) for a farewell celebration and they could only accommodate the entire group on the veranda. Thank god for the perfect alfresco dining weather at 11 in the morning. Phew.

Now onto the food.

Wild Honey's version of Eggs Benedict. Two perfectly poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms and prosciutto on toasted homemade brioche and hollandaise sauce. This has to be my favorite dish of all time. I always end up ordering this even though i always say i wanna try something new. Boos. So it's best to go with a huge group of friends because i can convince them to try something else and i can always steal a bite! :)))) Anyway, i think that MG does it better? Somehow the bread is over toasted and was too crunchy. Pretty dry. :(
The Canadian - classic pancakes served with wild berry and hibiscus compote, Canadian maple syrup and bacon. I usually never order pancakes because i know that i'll be sick of the same taste after half a pancake. And i don't like WH's pancakes. It's really eggy and really boring. Nothing fantastic to say about it other than the bacon that accompanies it.

I would take the English only when i'm REALLY STARVING (i would be full halfway through). Then again, my national rugger friend ordered this before and he couldn't finish it (ok that was B on a bad day but it's still HUGE!). A classic full breakfast; creamy scrambled eggs, pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms, dad's baked beans, bacon and vine ripened tomato with toasted brioche.

The Tunisian is another one of more popular dish at WH. Sizzling pan of red pepper, onion and tomato concise (stew) studded with sliced chorizo sausage and crowned with two fried eggs- very Mediterranean. I don't really like a tomato based breakfast, then again that's me. Many people love it.

My American friend ordered the Californian (she wasn't from california). Eggs softly scrambled with tofu, yellow and red peppers, fresh herbs on char-grilled ciabatta. I would never order this dish because brunch is supposed to be a greasy and savory affair. Since i work out so much, i deserve myself a high calorie-artery clogging meal.

This is a Norwegian Eggs Benny. I didn't even know they had this. So the ham was replaced by the smoked salmon and the brioche replaced with a brown multigrain loaf. Asparagus included.

The Wild Mocha Dolce is my poison. This is intensely sweet but packs in some serious caffeine. I always get super high after drinking this. Friends know not to feed me with too much coffee/tea because i'd be bouncing off the walls.

I also love the scones at WH. For tea, i like to have their cranberry scone with a cuppa of hot mocha dolce. This has to be one of the better scones in town. I'd put it in the same category as Foster's (another of my favorite). I'm very particular about the texture and taste of scones and have been hunting down the best scones in SG. More on that soon. Anyway the exterior is crispy and the middle is dense and moist. I'll gently coat it with a thin layer of butter and sprinkle sea salt flakes on it- my very own version of salted butter (because WH doesn't provide salted ones). Yummy! And their fresh compote of berries to go with it. Perfecto.

I would be hanging out at the SS branch more often for the following reasons

1. Wider desserts selection

According to the manager, the kitchen at SS is 3 times bigger than that at MG. Therefore, more space to make pastries! I tried the sour cherry strudel when i was there recently (not fantastic) and they also have more tea cakes and stuff. :) I'll be sure to try more desserts soon.

2. More breathing space! I always felt that the MG store was really claustrophobic! In fact, the entire MG feels that way. I feel like i can easily touch the ceiling (ok i exaggerate). Also, because of the small size of the place, i do feel like i can't stay on for too long even though i just wanna chill out with my book sometimes. Scotts is more airy and there's more natural light hence the relaxed ambience.

So if you haven't tried WH (quite impossible IMO), do head on down. All day breakfast means that you never have to wake up early! As for me, ADB FTW!

6 Scotts Road, 3rd Floor
Scotts Square
Tel: +65 6636 1816

Mandarin Gallery, #03-02
Orchard Road, Singapore
(No reservations)

Weekdays: 9am - 10.30pm
Weekends: 8am - 10.30pm

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