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Cafe: Dean & Deluca

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Dean & Deluca needs no introduction. Since its humble beginnings in SoHo (1977), it has expanded and established itself as the upscale grocery store chain in NYC. I was pretty stoked when it announced that it was coming to our sunny shores. Finally an alternative to Jones (which is terribly overpriced). 

Well, D&D opened its doors in June. So why did it take me 2 months to write my review? Well.. all that hype kinda deterred me from visiting. I heard horror stories about long waits and screw ups with the order system and all. It's really not how i want to kick start my weekend brunch. So i waited for a bit. Gave them time to sort things out, get settled down. 
Well i must say the smart me made a wise choice. I slowly eased into the D&D dinestyle. I tested the waters with their iced mocha and left the place swooning and buzzing with the caffeine packed chocolate espresso drink. Absolutely thick and delicious melted chocolate that arrests my heart. It's really quite the perk me up. If you love your chocolates, try the Marble latte which is a mix of White and Dark Chocolate. 

Each time i only had space for their pastries and cakes from my favorites Baker & Cook, Bread Project and Maison Keyser. Twitter and Instagram followers of mine would know that D&D is my current pre-yoga hangout. I've had the outsourced Salmon and spinach quiche and tarts. The small bites are perfect for all the downward dog and chaturanga. The in house bakers are still in the process of expanding their repertoire of bakes. My first taste of their Chocolate Pain was unspectacular though. Would love for it to be more airy and layered inside for it was just a little flat.
I only recently plunged into the deep end with their All Day Breakfast offerings 1 lazy weekend afternoon. I love how quiet and peaceful the place is. Absolutely no competition with all the people armed with their DSLRs trying to get shots of their food (guilty as charged).

The Sautéed Brioche French Toast (S$22) was intimidating when served. 2 one-inch thick slices of French Toasted Brioche, nicely coated with the Salted Caramel and a little charred on the exterior. This is topped with the Bananas, Fresh Berries and Vanilla Ice Cream. It looks like a diabetic's nightmare. But fret not. The caramel is more smoky than cloyingly sweet and that went well with the crispy and pillowy butter brioche. I LOVE the brioche. The ice cream lends a touch of creaminess to gel the various flavors and textures together. Perfecto. 
I love Eggs Ben and i love my Jamón Ibérico so obviously i order the Eggs Iberico (S$25), a twist on the popular Eggs Benny. 2 Poached Eggs with Sautéed Mushrooms, Jamón Ibérico and Hollandaise Sauce on Sundried Tomato Bread. Sounds perfect yea?

Well.. sadly, it wasn't. This dish was unsatisfying on many levels. The texture of the bread did not complement the eggs. It crumbled like a spoilt wet sponge after soaking the essence of the egg yolk. I also couldn't taste the sundried tomato at all. It seemed very much like a sad brown toast. The hollandaise sauce was too bland and diluted for my liking. My first set came with overdone poached eggs but the problem was quickly rectified when i sent them back. Overall, it was like eating different ingredients separately. 

There are quite a lot of other dishes available from salads to burgers to sandwiches and more All Day Brekkie options like waffles and bagels. I will slowly get down to tasting them since it's so convenient for me. As for you my dear readers, either be an early bird or simply have breakfast for dinner. That's probably the best way to beat that weekend queue. 

Dean & DeLuca Singapore
181 Orchard Road
#04-23/24 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6509-7708
Daily: 11 am to 10 pm

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