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Restaurant Review: Broadcast HQ

By Friday, August 03, 2012 , , ,

New punk on the street is Broadcast HQ, a Meat Mead Music melting pot opened by Harry Grover of 40 Hands, George Grover of Aussie music company Broadcast Events and the Spa Esprit group. Word has it that they are ruling the exotic and enigmatic Little India precinct and stealing the thunder from the "ladies" of the night.
The industrial look dominates the look of this shop house. I would love to have the exposed brick walls and raw concrete flooring in my future house. Throw in a turntable and a DJ and we'll party all night long. Indie and Alternative fans would feel at home in the music retail area that features CDs and vinyls curated by resident DJ Darkwing. Feel like grooving to the beats? Head on upstairs to the bar/dance floor where you can lose yourself to the music.
Meat lovers would dig the char-grilled meats. This carnivore did! The Signature Broadcast St.Louis Style Ribs (S$30) comes in a variety of flavors that coats the nice marbled flesh. We tried the Tamarind with Maple Syrup (Sweet) and the Miso and Black Pepper (Savory). Loved the the former, wasn't impressed with the latter. We could hardly taste the miso or the black pepper.
The nicely glazed meat in dark Maple and Tamarind elixir.
Each slab feeds 2 nicely, leaving you some space for sides and desserts. Definitely overwhelming for 1 puny stomach like mine.
I thought the Vegemite Lamb Rack (S$38) to be more flavorful than the Chermoula Sirloin Steak but there were mixed reviews from around the table. The downside to the dish is that there is a lot of fat on the meat, which is indistinguishable from the meat till you chow down on it. Some said that it was little gamey but i didn't detect that.
I'm not a fan of their sides. The Crack and Cheese with truffle (S$16) was bland and tasteless. The truffle only gave it an oily aroma without any flavor. The lack of moisture and inability to tantalize the taste buds is its downfall.
The Grilled Mushroom and Romaine salad (S$12) was again on the bland spectrum. Mushrooms were juicy and nicely grilled but lacked that oomph.
The Smokey Fries with lime ketchup was just fries with a hint of smoke? Definitely not a side dish I would order but I guess my dining companions thought it would be special.

The Chicken and Prawn sliders were drowned in the the Coriander mayo which had a very cool taste. Sure didn't feel like there were prawns in this one or perhaps it was overpowered by all the sauce.
I liked the Broadcast Buffalo Wings though. It's nothing to scream about even though Habanero is supposed to be really piquant. It tasted more like the plain 'ol BBQ sauce instead but i love the crispy and lightly spiced batter. Fried food is always awesome.
The Ozeki Sparkling Peach and Jelly sake was a delightful dessert more than a drink. I couldn't didn't taste the sake in fact but I do like the refreshing jelly which was konjyaku like. May not be worth the price though. I believe it's between $12-16. We also had some pear crumble cake which was mediocre.
Hits and misses for Broadcast HQ. But I quite like their meats and the cool indie environment. Do give it a try.
Broadcast HQ
107 Rowell Rd., Singapore
Tel: +65 6292 4405
Tue-Thu: 6pm -12am
Fri: 6pm -1am
Sat: 12pm -1am
Sun: 12pm-10pm

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  1. I was just there last sunday. Agree with you that there are some hits and misses. would love to be back to try that clatpot dirty rice on the menu :p

    1. I was there on Sunday too! Huge group of us. The rice sure sounded interesting. Try it and share with us! :)

    2. I was there on Thurs night Dec 2012, the food quality has dropeed considerably from the day they started. the big plates portion was so tiny and not so tasty as before.
      The indie music still good but not the food. Quite a disappointment.

      Mr Tam-Jiak.

    3. Ahh.. Tts just too bad.