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Event: Zespri Kiwifruit Giveaway

By Tuesday, August 14, 2012 ,

It's been 12 days since the start of my Zespri 14-Day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge! (Read about the competition here) Whee. I can't believe i am still surviving. I think i have annoyed my friends pretty much on my personal facebook account. A friend commented that i ought to become a New Zealand PR since i love it so much. I believe he meant that with sarcasm. :/ Sorry guys.

So what benefits did i reap from this challenge (apart from the insane number of kiwifruits delivered to my doorsteps)? Well, i believe it has really given me better complexion! I mean.. at the start it was pretty bad. I suddenly had an outbreak of pimples but that's kinda like detoxing my skin, clearing the clogged pores and stuff. Exactly the same thing happened when i visited my dermatologist previously. So yea, beauty tip here! Eat more kiwifruits for detox! It's cheaper than visiting the doc's. Or better still, apply some on your face. Here is my kiwi yogurt mask recipe if you missed it.

To reward my dear readers, i'm giving away some cute Zespri Kiwifruit stuff. Check this out.
Remember the cute kiwifruit holder that i've been using? I have 9 to give away! Comes with a spife as well. Then there are also 2 furry kiwifruit thumb drive which are absolutely adorable. 1 Zespri Gold Lunch Box (mother of all kiwifruit holders). And finally, see the kiwi toy at the back? That's actually a massager! It vibrates your aches away. I have 3 of the Kiwifruit Massager to give away as well!

There are several ways to win something from this stash.
1. Leave a comment on My blog or Facebook page ( Tell me why you like reading my blog or like kiwifruits.
2. Share or Like this post on Facebook

Depending on the response, i'll either just give it to those who actually do comment on something or use a randomizer. I noticed that my readers are quite shy about interacting with me on my blog or facebook or twitter for that matter. I won't bite really. :)

Remember to also tell me which of the items you prefer so that it's easier for me to give you something.

Have a kiwified week ahead! Peace out.

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  1. Hello! i really enjoy reading your blog cos it's packed with awesome food review and recommendations!i'll never run out of food places to eat haha!
    And im already a fan of kiwis,especially golden kiwis yumz;D so i'll continue eating them and try out your new kiwi recipes hehe
    i'd like the kiwi massager/lunch box please:)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I enjoyed reading your blogs as it is refreshing, lively & quite addictive. I love kiwis as it is packed with lots of vitamins & fibers & delicious too.

    Would love to hv the Kiwi fruit massager to ease my aching stiff neck/shoulder. :)

  4. hello!
    I really do enjoy reading your blog as I am quite a foodie myself and would like to read about new interesting places to try out, plus i love the picturesss!!!

    I like zespri kiwi's cos they taste really yummy and different from the conventional ones and your blog has taught me that I can do so much more with kiwis and incorporate them into our main foods!(:
    cant wait to try them out!

    I would love to have the thumbdrive, but i am okay with anything hehe!(:

    1. Hi Shermaine! You have won the thumbdrive with kiwifruit holder! Please email me your mailing address at Cheers!

  5. Hi! I like reading your blog because I can find lots of restaurants and cafes which I had not known existed to try out with my friends :) I have already tried out Salt Tapas and Bar after you reviewed and I loved it! The photos you take are very drool worthy as well!

    I love kiwis because it is rich in vitamins and is soft to eat haha. I would love to have the Kiwi fruit massager! I would like to give it to my mum who is always doing household chores to ease her back aches.

  6. Hi guys! Thanks for reading my blog and being so spontaneous in participating. I will be announcing the winners tomorrow on my FB page Keep a look out yea? :)

  7. Hi, my boys love to eat golden Zespri Kiwifruit. Kiwifruits are high in fiber and rich in Vitamin C. We usually eat by cutting half and scoop with spoon. It's a healthy snack for my family. I'm trying my luck here if can have a Kiwi massager or thumb drive,thanks!
    FB Name: Yvonne Chang

  8. Hi,

    I enjoy reading your blog as I am a food lover cum enjoy hands on baking etc & love to explore foods in SIN.
    Your blog had provided me information & had check out the places etc.

    Hope to win either furry kiwifruit thumb drive or the massager :)

  9. Hi All, the giveaway has been concluded. Winners have been picked and results up on my facebook page at If you didn't win anything this time round, maybe next time? :) Thank you for reading my blog nonetheless.